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Our team of talented and experienced professionals have a proven track record of executing the full product  development lifecycle from system definition to hardware, software and mechanical design through to system validation, verification and certification.


We are a full service systems house for aviation, space, urban transportation and other safety-critical applications.  We have expertise in DO-160, DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-297, ARP 4754/A, ARP 4761 and IEEE 1474.


We are committed to delivering cost-competitive technical solutions on schedule to help our customers achieve their goals.


Requirements Development

Controls Analysis and Modelling

Digital and Analog Electronics Design

Mechanical System Design

Real-Time Embedded Software Development

Software/Hardware/System Validation and Verification

Expertise in DO-160, DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-297, ARP 4754/A, ARP 4761 and IEEE 1474

Program Management






DASAEROSPACE provided technical services for the design and development of the Heads-Up and Heads-Down Displays for the COMAC C919

image-Cseries-675x435-1Bombardier CSeries

We provided expertise on ARP 4754 compliance for certification of the Bombardier CSeries


Canadian Space Agency Dextre

DASAEROSPACE developed and validated the operational concept for ground control of Dextre

A350 WingTip

Airbus A350

We were a key member of the design team of the Airbus A350 Environmental Control System and Fuel Tank Inerting System


Canadian Space Agency Canadarm2

DASAEROSPACE played a key role in the HW-SW integration of the Canadarm2


Saurav Das,

President & CEO


Saurav brings 15+ years of technical and leadership experience in the aerospace industry to DASAEROSPACE. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. During his career he has worked as a Senior Systems Engineer on projects including the Canadarm2, Dextre, Mobile Base System, Airbus A350, Bombardier CSeries and COMAC C919.


Saurav founded DASAEROSPACE in 2006 to provide technical services to the aerospace sector with a vision to create a company with a broad range of cross-disciplinary expertise. Saurav is passionate about building the future. From developing the operational concept through to certification, he can leverage his experience and his ability to motivate and lead to successfully complete even the most complicated projects.



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